Valerie and Robert’s Wedding – Grace Lutheran, Menomonee Falls

Valerie and Robert were married at Grace Lutheran in Menomonee Falls on December 27, 2019. For December in Wisconsin, they had some great weather. They were even able to take a 1959 Cadillac out for a spin from the ceremony to the reception. If the weather wasn’t so nice, that would not have been possible.

This wedding was different from many that I shoot because the couple is so young. That young love is so refreshing to see. The way they look at each other – as if the other can do no wrong – is wonderful. It reminds me of a time many moons ago that I was in that same part of my life. Young, in love and not a care in the world.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day.

Military First Look
Military Wedding
Menomonee Falls gazebo
Father walking bride down the aisle
Wedding in Menomonee Falls
Village Bowl Menomonee Falls Wedding

Congratulations on your wedding Valerie and Robert. Enjoy your photos!

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  1. Andrea Arndt
    Andrea Arndt says:

    Beautiful pictures!! I can hardly wait to see all of them from the day. You truly captured their young love. God blessed us with a beautiful day for December. It was special we were able to use the 1959 pink Cadillac Fleetwood limo we used on our wedding day. These photos are priceless. Thank you!!

  2. Valerie Arndt
    Valerie Arndt says:

    Simply stunning! Super super happy with the pictures thank you for capturing the moments ❤️

  3. Melissa Eggert
    Melissa Eggert says:

    Wow! Theybare amazing Pictures. I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you so much for capturing these precious moments of thier special day. They will forever be cherished!

  4. Dennise Zeise
    Dennise Zeise says:

    Beautiful pictures. They are so happy and you’ve captured that in these photos. Love them!

  5. Lori
    Lori says:

    Very nice job. Good luck & congratz 2 u both! Never forget the blessing of each other. When tough times hit….its photos like these that help you remember why you are together in the first place and that whatever is troubling you…can be conquered with this love that is obvious in these pics. Thx 4 sharing these….they really capture the moment.

  6. Cassandra Hintz
    Cassandra Hintz says:

    Beautiful couple and wedding. Thank you for letting us be apart of yoyr special day. Best wish on your new adventure.

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