Slow Down

Jason Senior Picture

Tonight I shot senior photos for a great family from Waukesha.  Funny story is that the mom, Kelly, has the same name as me, just spelled slightly different.  More importantly, Kelly has a wonderful son named Jason who is autistic.  She was worried that Jason wouldn’t do well with senior photos in a studio so she asked me if I would be comfortable shooting him.  Of course, I was.

Taking on a client like Jason is always a little nerve wracking for me.  I’m never entirely sure how the shoot will go so I worry a lot beforehand.  Tonight I was pleasantly surprised.  Jason was a joy to shoot.

We arrived at Lannon Quarry and Jason was immediately amazed by the view from the rocks over the water.  We started our shoot out there.  I learned that this amazing kid knows how to scuba dive!  I think I might have introduced him to a new scuba diving spot!

I thought maybe there would be the awkward first shots like normally happen with 17 year old boys.  Not with Jason.  He was comfortable from the beginning.  A few jokes about his “fake smile” and we were snapping great shots.

This shoot was so easy that it made me realize that I often over think my shoots and worry about things that I don’t need to.  Sometimes photography is easy.  Sometimes my shoots are so much fun that I forget I am working.  Sometimes I just need to slow down and have fun.  Have fun joking around with the kids, talking to the parents, getting to know them. The great pictures will just follow from there.