Portrait FAQ

Any location that you will feel comfortable with and will show a little bit of personality would be great. Natural light and shade are added bonuses when choosing a location. If you have questions about whether a location will work for you, just ask.

Yes, all of my packages come with wallets.  Please look at the portrait pricing to view the different packages.  Additional photos can also be ordered online after the shoot.

The clients will receive a DVD with all photos on it along with a signed photo release. That DVD can be used at the photo lab of your choice (i.e. Walmart, Walgreens, Snapfish). If the photo lab requires a photographer’s waiver, you would simply present or copy the photo release for the lab.  Photos are also available online via the online photo gallery and are professional quality prints.

Payment in full is due at the time of the photo shoot.  No prints or digital files will be delivered until payment has been completed.