Need A Good Wedding DJ?

Music Master Entertainment

During consultations I get asked how many pictures I take during a typical wedding.  I always respond that it depends what is happening during the day.  Active weddings with lots going on and people “gettin’ down” on the dance floor will have far more pictures than weddings where the crowd is very mellow.  Couples always believe that their families will be the first ones to the dance floor.  The truth is, without a good DJ, that’s probably not going to be the case.

I have worked with some extremely good DJs and a few really bad ones (I won’t mention those, but ask me and I”ll tell!).  Some DJs make it seem like the lighting and cool effects make all the difference on the dance floor.  That’s just not true. Your guests will dance and have a good time if you have chosen a good DJ who knows how to get the crowd onto the dance floor.  Find a DJ that will talk to the crowd and get them interested.  A super outgoing personality is a MUST.  If they hide behind their DJ table, they just won’t cut it.

I have two favorites that I crossed paths with a couple of times over the years.  Each time they proved to be AMAZING at their jobs.  I would recommend them to anyone!

My number one choice is Jay Fernandez – The Music Master.  I laughed more during the weddings I shot with him than with any other DJ.  Not only does he play great music, he gets the crowd going by telling jokes and playing games.  At the last wedding I shot with him he had a wheel for guests to spin that would determine what they had to do to require the bride and groom to kiss.  Unique and fun!  I think it was Jay that once told me he wasn’t a DJ, he’s an entertainer.  So true!

The other DJ team that would recommend highly is Peter and Matt from Music Masters Entertainment.  They have unique ways of getting the crowd involved and making that garter retrieval hilarious.

They get onto the dance floor with the guests to lead dances like the Electric Slide and the YMCA.   The last wedding I shot with them, there were crowd participants doing ballet moves and shaking it to “Rump Shaker”.

Not only will a great DJ make the evening fun for your guests, it will ensure that you get some GREAT pictures of your family and friends having a blast.  Memories to share for years to come.