Mimi & Jim’s Wedding – October 8, 2016

Delafield Hotel Bride Looking Out Window

Mimi and Jim were married at the Delafield Hotel on October 8th.  It’s not hard for me to pick my favorite moment from the day.  There were many!  I thought it was pretty funny that the groom was accidentally locked in a hotel room a few minutes before the ceremony.  However, it was even funnier that the groom’s cell phone went off loud and clear during a key part of the ceremony.   But neither of those was my favorite.  My favorite was taking pictures with the bridal party outside the hotel in between the ceremony and the reception.  The entire wedding party was up for anything which resulted in some pretty amazing photos.

Here are a few of my favorite wedding photos from their special day:

Pumpkin Wedding Rings
Delafield Hotel Wedding Groom Kisses Bride Shoulder
Delafield Hotel Groom Kisses Bride
Delafield Hotel Wedding Dress
Delafield Hotel Wedding Ceremony
Delafield Hotel Groomsmen Phones
Delafield Hotel Bride and Groom During Ceremony
Delafield Hotel Bridal Party Outside
Delafield Hotel Bridesmaids on Bed
Ring Bearer and Bride Laughing

Congratulations Mimi and Jim.  Enjoy your photos!

Don’t forget that if this post get 15 comments on it, Mimi and Jim will receive free prints!  Leave your comments below and help them out!

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  1. Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie Smith says:

    Awesome pictures, i love what you’ve done so far. Can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks for capturing the wedding!

  2. Anna
    Anna says:

    Love these! Thanks so much for all of your hard work! We’re a rowdy bunch, but you got the job done beautifully 🙂 – Anna (Maid of Honor)

  3. Monica Meer
    Monica Meer says:

    I Love them all! I want to see more! The rings on the pumpkin, the cell phones with the guys, the girls on that big, fluffy, bed, and of course the only other boy who can rival Jim for Mimi’s affections, little Mason. Beautiful day, beautiful bride, and a beautiful wedding. Thanks for the sneak peak!

  4. Eric
    Eric says:

    Amazing wedding. Elise and I had an wonderful time, won’t be forgotten! Thank you so much and congratulations!!

  5. Grace E Posey
    Grace E Posey says:

    They look great you guys, I cant wait to see the rest of them : ) Love how the cell phone picture turned out. xxxo

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