How To Look Your Best In Photos

Look Your Best In Photos

I don’t know how many photos of myself I have seen and not been happy with for one reason or another.  Women are very particular about how they look in photos, but men can be just as critical of themselves.  Everyone just wants to look their best.  Many disappointments can be avoided by following these few simple guidelines.

Keep it simple
Everyone has a favorite outfit, but for a professional photo shoot it might be best left in your closet.  Pictures turn out the best with clothes that have no patterns, plaids or super bright colors.  These things are considered distractions in photos and are best left at home.  Instead, wear solid, neutral colors that will stand out from your background.  Be sure the clothes you choose compliment your skin tone.

Stick Your Neck Out
No one likes a double chin, and they can pop up in just about anyone if they are positioned wrong.  If you are looking to hide a double chin, push your face forward a little bit.  Doing this will make your face look thinner and in turn, will hide a double chin.  It might feel awkward, but it will look great.

Work Your Angles
When someone is taking your picture, you don’t want it to look or feel like a mugshot. Facing the camera straight on is not flattering at all.  Instead, turn your head a small amount to either the left or right and it will give your features depth.  It helps even more if your body is turned and not just your face.  That’s why when I am lining up group shots in a church, I tell them to angle in towards the person in front of them.  Not only does it squish the people into the space that I need them, but it is also flattering to their face and figure.

Stay Away From The Sun
The best time of day to shoot outdoor photos is at dusk.   This time is perfect because there is enough light to take great photos but the light is not harsh.  Harsh lighting can cast weird shadows on your face.  If you are taking photos inside you should still try to stand facing a natural light source such as a window.  Your goal should be to have the soft light hit your face from the side.  It’s the most flattering type of light.

Show some personality
Make sure that when you start the photo shoot that you are relaxed with your photographer so that your personality will show through in the photos.  If you have never met your photographer before, start a conversation to get to know each other so it’s not awkward.  The first few shots are normally pretty stiff because you are not relaxed.  If you are able to feel comfortable and have a good time during your shoot, you will be happier with the final product.

Next time you get your photo taken, try out these tips and see if they improve the image at all.  I guarantee you’ll like the result.

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