Kristen & William’s Wedding – July 13, 2015

  1. Sharon Holland says:

    I am Kristen’s aunt and want to thank you for your patience as I stood behind you
    to take pictures on my tablet.

    It was indeed a beautiful wedding !

  2. John McGivern says:

    Great evening…Wonderful wedding…

    Thanks for being so stealth with your photos.
    You were kind and patient.

    I’m so happy I was part of this occasion.

  3. Jemal Knowles says:

    Wonderful wedding!

    I was very impressed with the entire layout and the overall simplicity of the wedding. I kind of know the groom a little (haha) & I was so pleased that he waited for such a beautiful and gracious woman like Kristen to call his own. Food was awesome! Good Luck to this fantastic couple!

  4. Lindsey Barr says:

    Thank you for these photos! They’re lovely, and it’s a treat to be able to see the wedding that celebrated their generous spirit.

  5. Rick says:

    A glorious day indeed. The lighthouse is the perfect location not only for a wedding, but for just about any type of celebration. It was my first time as well, thinking about my parents 60th coming up. Very blessed to be a part of William and Kristen’s day, and our long time friendship. Many more years of happiness to the both of you, as you embark on the next chapter of your journey. Cheers !!!!

  6. Sara Wright says:

    Thank you for sharing such lovely photos of Kristen and William’s beautiful day! Happy for all involved that the weather cooperated, and that Kristen got to share one of her favorite places with her family and friends.

  7. Megan Pagado says:

    Such beautiful photos to capture the spirit of such a beautiful couple. Congrats, Kristen & William!

  8. Debora Knowles says:

    Beautiful bride and groom –and an impressive venue. The photos captured the spirit of the day and were a treat to review. The photographer has a great eye!

  9. Laura Smith says:

    What a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing some of these lovely prints. Both the venue and the couple look gorgeous 🙂

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