Julie & Mike’s Wedding – October 11, 2014

Bride and Groom on Park Bench

Julie and Mike were married at St. Rita’s church in West Allis and their reception was at the Schwanhof banquet hall in Menomonee Falls.  If I had to put a one word label on Mike and Julie’s wedding day, it would be “happy”.  It was so easy for me to catch happy moments between the two of them – and even between other guests at their wedding.  Everyone was just plain happy.  I think by looking at my photo favorites, you’ll see what I mean. It was absolutely beautiful to see a couple so much in love.

Congratulations Julie and Mike.  Enjoy your photos!

Don’t forget that if this post get 15 comments on it, Julie & Mike will receive free prints!  Leave your comments below and help them out!


Groom smiles at bride during ceremony

Sweet looks during the ceremony

Bride and Groom walk happily out of the church

Memory Table at Wedding Ceremony


Mike and his mom have a dance


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  1. April
    April says:

    This was a very special day. I was honored to be able to share the day eith these two as a bridesmaid. I wish nothing but the best for this dynamic duo!! Love you Julie and Mike!

  2. Rachel Ratkowski
    Rachel Ratkowski says:

    Such gorgeous pictures to capture a truly wonderful day! I can’t even pick out a favorite because they are all so wonderful. Congratulations Mike and Julie!

  3. Phil Ratkowski
    Phil Ratkowski says:

    Love the one with mike and Julie on the bench but really enjoy mikes smile while dancing with Ma…

  4. Tamara Spone
    Tamara Spone says:

    Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life Love gives us a Fairytale … Simply beautiful Mike & Julie!

  5. Emily McAleavey
    Emily McAleavey says:

    The one on the bench is my favorite as well! It was a perfect chance to relax after the ceremony and before all the dancing began!

  6. Chuck McAleavey
    Chuck McAleavey says:

    I liked all of those pictures. I don’t have just one favorite. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures.

  7. Kathy McAleavey
    Kathy McAleavey says:

    Great pictures that captured the joy of that special day. Also liked the picture of the memory table.

  8. Deb Schroeder
    Deb Schroeder says:

    Wonderful pictures, I love the one where Michael is laughing and dancing with his mother! Cute. Where are the pictures of the OLD dancing aunts?/haha

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