Glacier Hills Wedding Photo in the Trees

Glacier Hills Park Wedding – Kari & Ted

  1. jane wasicek says:

    Congratulations! God was shining down a beautiful day for a beautiful couple!

  2. Sandy Melville says:

    Lovely event! Gorgeous pictures!

  3. Annie says:

    It was a beautiful wedding!

  4. Jack Umpleby says:

    Beautiful pictures, especially the phot with Holy Hill in the background. Lovely couple, weather and photos.

  5. Sandy McCann says:

    The pictures are just beautiful! My favorite is the one of them looking at each other. The pic with the Holy Hill Basilica in the background is gorgeous!!

  6. Cindy Dulde says:

    October 22, 2016 was a gorgeous autumn day for Ted & Kari’s special wedding day. These photos show real love and what a beautiful couple they are!

  7. Darlene Scheidegger says:

    Congratulations you two! Beautiful photos! What a beautiful day, and a beautiful life from this forward.

  8. Sue & Andy Stockhausen says:

    Beautiful wedding. Lovely weather. Awesome couple.

  9. Jane says:

    Wishing you a life time of happiness! The picture say it all, how beautiful the day was.

  10. Joseph says:

    Congratulations Ted and Kari!
    So sorry we couldn’t be there, but wish you all the best!
    Beautiful pictures!

  11. Diane Paulbeck says:

    Beautiful pictures. I was thinging about you from the orher side of the world.
    You both look so happy. ..I hope this is the start of a lifetime of happiness.

  12. Mary Brescoll says:

    Beautiful couple—beautiful pics!!

  13. Hannah Quin says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful day!

  14. Brenna says:

    So stunning! So happy for the newlyweds 🙂

  15. Mike says:

    Great couple. Great day. Great pictures.

  16. Kirsten Kleven says:

    Beautiful pictures! It was a pleasure to be a part of Kari and Ted’s day and it was wonderful working with Kelly! Great to see the flip side of the selfie!

  17. Laurie Kleven says:

    Beautiful couple; beautiful photos.

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