Chris and Cassie Are Getting Married!

Trick or Treating

When I was an eighth grader, my grade school took volunteers to watch the Kindergarten class so that the teacher could eat their lunch.  I loved kids and was all over that opportunity.  During my time in the class, I was taken by a little girl named Jessica.  She was so sweet.  She also cried all the time so she spent a lot of time on my lap.  I sent a note home with her one day asking her mom if I could babysit for her.  Never did it cross my mind that she could have brothers or sisters!   Her mom did eventually contact me and I soon found out that she had a little brother – Christopher.  I began babysitting for the family and soon found out that Christopher was not the easiest child to take care of.  His parents would leave for a night of bowling and he would literally cry for the entire time they were gone.  But I stuck through it.  Many years, and one more little brother later,  those three kids still hold a special spot in my heart.

Chris Hersh

Chris Hersh, the younger years!!

In 2009, Jessica was married to Nick and I had the honor of shooting that wedding.  They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at a cute little farm in Madison.  I loved it.  It showcased Jessica’s personality so well.  Watching her get ready that day brought a tear to my eye.  She may not be my child, but I think I have always had a special “big sis” relationship with her.  Watching her grow up has been a gift.  Thank you to Charlene and Mike for sharing your beautiful daughter with me.

Tomorrow I will have the honor of shooting the wedding of the second Hersh child – this time in Milwaukee.  I could not be more excited to be able to enjoy this wedding as not only a photographer, but also as a guest.  I wish Cassie and Chris all the best!!  Two down and one to go — Joe, it’s your turn next!!

Congratulations Chris & Cassie!!!

Trick or Treating

All three kids trick or treating – Chris on the right

Jessica and Nick

Jessica and Nick’s Wedding  2009