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How To Choose A Location For Engagement Photos

Choosing the location for your engagement photos can be difficult. There are many locations in the Milwaukee and Waukesha areas that make for a beautiful backdrop. I get asked a lot where I like to shoot the most. That is a very hard question to answer because my favorites are not the best choice for every couple and I don’t necessarily want a people choosing their photo locations based off of my preferences.  So to help couples decide on a good location for them,  I have compiled a list of things to consider while doing your location research.

Locations With Meaning
Your engagement photos should tell the story about your journey as a couple. My engagement photos with my husband were taken at the location where he proposed to me. We recreated the scene with him down on one knee. Of course, we took the traditional posed couples photos as well, but my favorite is still that recreation of one of the best days of my life.  Be sure that the location you choose fits your personality and tells the story of the two of you. This will ensure that you are thrilled with the end product.

Natural Lighting With Shade
The key to most nice photos is even light.  The easiest way to achieve that type of lighting when shooting outside is with shade. A location and time of day that provides ample shade will ensure your photos have even lighting and you will avoid photos with harsh shadows.  I like shooting at just before dusk.  This allows for many choices on shaded areas, it’s usually cooler in the summer at this time and it works out great for many schedules.

A lot of noise can be distracting and having people wandering into the background of your photos is never a good thing. Be sure to choose a location that has minimal distractions and people. Find a quiet corner of the market where you both met or your favorite park.  Don’t attempt to take the photos right in the middle of all the action.  Not only will you have distractions, but you’ll probably feel a little awkward as well.

Timing and Permits
Many parks and public locations require permits for photo shoots conducted on their property. Be sure to check with the location ahead of time to find out if there are any restrictions, permits required, or time restrictions.  This becomes a roadblock more times than you’d think.  Many common places like the Milwaukee Domes or Frame Park in Waukesha require permits.  Be sure that you have done your research on the location so that you don’t end up having to reschedule your shoot.

If you take all of these things into consideration when choosing your engagement photo location, you will be sure to have photos that tell your story and look amazing.  Interested in setting up an appointment for engagement photos with me?  I’d love to shoot for you!