Alyssa and Michelle’s Wedding – October 20, 2017

Alyssa and Michelle were married at High Cliff State Park in Sherwood on October 20, 2017.  The weather was perfect and the fall leaves were stunning.  I have never been to High Cliff State Park before this date and I told the brides that if I lived closer, this would be my new favorite shooting spot.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I absolutely loved shooting in that park.

My favorite part of Alyssa and Michelle’s wedding day was their no look – first look.  They each took a side of the pillar and held hands but never caught a glimpse of each other.  I could tell in that moment exactly how excited they were for this day.    A close runner up to that is the sparkler celebration at the end of the night.  The sparklers had special meaning to the brides and having their guests partake in the tradition they had was truly special.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day:

Congratulations Alyssa and Mchelle.  Enjoy your photos!

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  1. Jessica Duenskie
    Jessica Duenskie says:

    I love all of these. My favorite is the sparklers! Wait, it’s thr the one with the trolly. Or maybe the one under the trees. Ah, all so amazing.

  2. Margaret Bartsch
    Margaret Bartsch says:

    It was an apsolutely beautiful day for a wedding. These ladies made it look even more beautiful

  3. Maribeth Conard
    Maribeth Conard says:

    These photos are so loving and lovely. Kelly, you showed the happiness that was throughout the day. My favorites are the hands and the sparklers. And the first one. Two beautiful people starting their lives together, I love them.

  4. Therese McHenry
    Therese McHenry says:

    What great photos to remember this special day… But truly, how could you go wrong with such beautiful and happy brides?!

  5. Barb Utke
    Barb Utke says:

    Gorgeous pictures. The fall colors were as beautiful as the brides. I love the trolley picture in black & white. So happy for them ❤

  6. Vicki Bollerud
    Vicki Bollerud says:

    The day was absolutely perfect. These pictures definitely capture the love these two gorgeous brides have for each other.

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