Reasons to Hire A Mom

I have heard many times over the years that admitting to being a Mom during an interview isn’t the smartest move if you want to land the job.  I have always been extremely open about being both a Mom and a business woman when I speak during my interviews. I want my employers to know that my kids are my priority but that definitely doesn’t mean that I should be penalized for it. Sure, having a Mom on staff may mean that they will have to be able to run out for doctors appointments and soccer games more often than someone without kids.  But the naturally learned skills that a Mom has will put those other members of the staff to shame.

1. Moms Are Master Multitaskers

Do you think that learning to tie a shoe, pour a glass of milk and carry on a full adult conversation comes naturally to everyone?  Heck no!  It’s a learned skill that only a Mom can be truly good at.  I have carried on conversations with team members while I made school lunches and answered emails. So how does this make me a better employee?  Let me tell you, it’s a lot harder to multitask my Mom duties than it is business tasks.  I can run a report, answer a phone call and organize my paperwork all without skipping a beat.  That’s pretty impressive and not everyone can do it.

2. Mom Won’t Forget!

Who is the one person that can remember that grandma has a birthday next Tuesday, child 1 has a doctor appointment on Wednesday at 2pm, and child 2 needs to have her medicine two times a day?  Mom, of course!  I know my husband can barely remember his keys in the morning much less remember everyone’s lunches, homework and appointments for the day.  When I arrive at work, remembering that a co-worker asked me for a specialized report the day before or that I have a lunch meeting with the boss today is a piece of cake – and it’s probably documented in six different locations…with reminders on my phone…and highlighted in yellow on my calendar. No, I’m not kidding.  How do you think I do it?   Which leads me to the next Mom super-power…Super Mom

3. Moms Are Organized

I used to think that I didn’t fit into this category.  Maybe I didn’t when my children were really small but I think it all came together once child 1 went to school.  Now not only did I have to remember everyone’s boots and coats when leaving the house, I also had to remember book reports, math facts and homework.  Have you ever seen how many pieces of paper come home with the average first grader on a daily basis?  Holy cow!  Trying to sort between art masterpieces, important letters from the teacher and school “junk mail” is a task in itself. I have convinced myself that if I didn’t find a system to keep things organized, my child would class joke when she showed up to school on pajama day without pajamas – gasp!.  I can’t have that.  I have figured out how to be organized for the good of my children.  My organization skills have definitely transferred over to my career.  Need a specific email or report?  Give me two seconds, I’ll find it – I’m organized!

4. Moms Are Patient and Level-Headed

I think we have all been that mom screaming “If I have to pull this car over!” to a child or two in the backseat at least once.  But for the most part, kids teach women to be patient and level-headed.  What is a better way to teach a person about patience than third grade Every Day Mathematics. I swear I don’t understand why they can’t just carry the 1’s like they did back in the good ‘ol days! Or listening to “Let It Go!” over and over…and over again while convincing the little “Elsa” that she sounds just like the movie.  Yes, I want to tell her to put a sock in it, but I can’t. I have to be patient and listen to every beautiful note.  If you think that skill doesn’t translate over to business, you are mistaken.  I have had to sit through change after change of the smallest detail in an email or design more times than I care to admit.  “Can you move that photo two pixels left? And I know I said I wanted that picture blue, but can you make it green…and let me see a version in red too?”  My patience has paid off ten-fold.  After all, the customer is always right!

5.  Moms Are Adaptable

Ever had boogers wiped across your shirt just as you step out of the house in the morning?  I have.  And I still showed up for work on time!  Moms find themselves in dicey situations almost every day because of their children.  We adapt. We grab a scarf, wipe the nose of the booger baby and head out the door. Being adaptable is a necessity of motherhood.  I can’t even count the number of times this trait has been beneficial to me in my career.  I have spent hours on a project only to find out that the client wants to go in a totally different direction.  My adaptability allows me to pick up the pieces, refocus my work and move forward in the new direction.

The truth is, I love being a Mom but I feel that it has hindered my job searches in the past.  I have decided I will never want to work for a company that can’t see the value I bring as a Mom.  I will never hide the fact that I need to come in late so I can see my daughter get on the bus for her first day of first grade or call in sick because my child has a high fever. I know when I am at work I am able to give 110% of myself which is something any employer should seek out in a potential employee.

Want to find out how I am awesome?  I would love to talk!