Bride and Groom on Park Bench

Julie & Mike’s Wedding – October 11, 2014

Julie and Mike were married at St. Rita's church in West Allis and their reception was at the Schwanhof banquet hall in Menomonee Falls.  If I had to put a one word label on Mike and Julie's wedding day, it would be "happy".  It was so easy…
Hailey Senior Picture 2014

Hailey Senior Pictures – October 7, 2014

It's time for Hailey's senior pictures!  Here are a few photos from my photo shoot with Hailey a little over a week ago.  I shot Hailey at dusk at Menomonee Park and we ran out of light early but were lucky enough to get a few fantastic shots…
Fall leaves and wedding rings

Jessica & Jon’s Wedding – October 4, 2014

Jessica and Jon were married at the Seven Seas in Hartland last Saturday.  Being a wedding photographer I get a backstage pass to many weddings.  I observe many things, both good and bad, throughout every wedding day.  When I arrived…
Ben Senior Pictures 2014

Ben Senior Pictures – October 5, 2014

Here are a few photos from my photo shoot with Ben from Sunday.  Ben was extremely easy to shoot.  He posed himself, never looked awkward and was a pleasure to shoot.  My favorite is the photo with the bright red in the background.  I am…
Marissa Senior Pictures 2014

Marisa Senior Pictures – October 5, 2014

I shot many photos over this past weekend.  One shoot I had was for an old co-worker and friend, Sabrina.  A few years back I shot the senior pictures for her son, Devon and now I was able to also shoot her daughter, Marisa.  The shoot almost…